Hydraroll Pneumatic Rollertrack System    Return on investment in less than one year.

This version of pneumatic roller track incorporates two new features which will significantly increase reliability and also reduce system maintenance time:

1. Acetal Debris Barrier
This gives added protection from any possible ingress of debris into the air cell area thereby reducing the likelyhood of air bag damage.

2. Quick Release Top Plate The top plate is retained along the entire length thus preventing any lifting, twisting or bending, yet is easily and quickly removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Standard Track Specifications

Standard Module: Length 3.2m

Roller Diameters: 50 mm; 38mm

Roller Lengths: 50 mm; 75mm; 100mm

Roller Pitch Options: 82mm;114mm or 164mm

Roller Bearings: Pre-greased, sealed for life. Track supported by 1 1/2" dia. airbag with side or downward air connections.

Air Supply: 2 bar

MK 4 Series 5
MK 15 Series 3
MK 17 Series 5
MK 20 Series 5
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